S. Harris Spring 2020

For our Spring 2020 collection, we explored the world to more deeply understand how a room can be harmoniously built with juxtaposed design concepts and layered texture.
We sought to create a story in our interiors by believing in limitless potential and weaving together the meaningful connections of humanity.

“We searched for enlightenment
through tradition, steeped in the
markings of an old and enigmatic
life yet hopeful for new beginnings.”

– Jodi Finer


The color palette is painted with earthy reds and vibrant pinks (think dusty-rose minerals and surprising shots of citrine); a twist on neutrals where champagne lavender bridges warm taupes and rich charcoals that beg to be touched; and a range of blue and green that spans from high octane to subdued, deep to pastoral, graphic to hand drawn.


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